Norwegian business and the SDGs in challenging markets

Conference at NHO, Næringslivets Hus, Middelthunsgate 27, Oslo. 13 September 2019


How responsible are Norwegian companies when doing business in developing countries and other challenging markets? What are the problems they face and to which extent do companies compromise legal and ethical frameworks to get things done? The last Corruption Perception Index demonstrated that even the countries with the highest score, were not free of corruption “Trouble at the top”.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a common global framework and reference pointing towards the world we want to see in 2030. At this conference we will focus on the business sector and do it through the lenses of an anti-corruption agenda. Goal 16 include several targets to this end, most notably 16.5 “Substantially reduce corruption and bribery. Goal 16 is important not only as an end in itself. It is also a cross cutting goal for implementation of the other SDGs. Anti-corruption is a key element in the company’s responsible business agenda. However, zero-tolerance for corruption is easier said than done and especially in markets where corruption is rampant.

The conference which is co-organized by the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, NHO, and Transparency International Norway, will showcase examples from the companies experience in challenging markets and draw lessons on how to prevent and how to respond to corruption risks.

0830 Registration, coffee and mingling

0900 Welcome, Mari Sundli Tveit, NHO Director and
Guro Slettemark, Secretary General, Transparency International Norway

0915 Lessons learnt from Brazil, Hydro

0935 Compliance and renewable energy in new markets,
Kjersti Reinsnos, Head of Ethics and Anti-Corruption, Equinor

0955 Lessons learnt from Myanmar, Telenor

1015 Enforcing zero-tolerance to facilitation payments in emerging markets,
Cira Holm, Chief Compliance Officer, Yara

1035 Stretching legs and coffee

1045 A civil society perspective on business and sustainable development,
Gro Skaaren-Fystro, Special Adviser, Transparency International Norway

1055 Panel debate led by Cathrine Dehli, NHOs forum for Bærekraft, Footstep.
The panellists will comprise the speakers from the companies above.

1200 End