London svømmer i svarte penger

Londons eiendomsmarked fortsetter å være et yndet investeringsobjekt for skallselskaper og personer som ikke ønsker å fronte formuer og inntekt. Det har blant annet ført til at interesserte turister kan dra på guidet «kleptokratitur» i byens finere områder.

I took a “Kleptocracy tour” around London and discovered the corruption capital
A sightseeing trip around central London properties revealed just how much dirty money there is swimming around the city.

London is a globally leading city, bustling with culture and educational capital, a booming economy, and abiding by the rule of law. But, combined with regulations allowing for the anonymous purchase of real estate, it’s for these reasons that the UK’s capital is one of the world’s largest laundromats, a city where money from corruption is being poured into property.

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